Original painting by Samuel Everett


Bea Everett recently celebrated the launch of her eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Russian Doll’ with a very special and intimate live performance. Written over 6 years, Bea’s journey from teen to adulthood is chartered in this astonishing collection of tracks. Drawing on her love of jazz, folk-pop and musical theatre, Bea has created a record that offers something for everyone and benefits from multiple listens, gradually revealing itself but never giving too much away. She brings everything from sweeping melancholic piano and wonderful vocal melodies to lazy day ukulele ditties - all tied together with powerful and evocative lyrics straight from her real life experience. It is testament to the quality of song writing on this album that despite being introspective it is still one to be enjoyed universally. Vocally Bea is extremely gifted and her heartfelt and passionate performance will literally take your breath away.


"Remember the first time you heard Joni Mitchell, Katie Melua, Norah Jones?  After you’ve heard these songs you’ll also remember the first time you heard Bea Everett. I’ve known Bea as a singer/songwriter for a few years but this latest crop of songs, recorded supremely well, by the way, have a maturity and a supreme depth within. She sings only ever from her heart and her very soul. They could all become classics - they should all become classics.
- Mike Dixon 8/7/18 (mikedixonmusic.com)




THE WOODS - EP   (2014)

The Woods is a 4 track EP with themes of fairytale and folk. Recorded in a living room above the Tunbridge Wells Pantiles, these tracks are at the heart of Bea's hometown roots, full of excitement and potential. The full EP is available to stream, download and buy from various sites such as:


SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/beverett

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-woods-ep/902610541


The Lighthouse

The haunting, open echoes of "The Lighthouse" come from the stunning natural reverb inside the Akranes Lighthouse, West Iceland, where Bea recorded the song in 2015. She had written the song during a two week stay in the village of Akranes while travelling with no agenda around the country. It was one of those unplanned, spontaneous events that led to something beautiful being created.

"Simon Says" Live from The Roadee

To get straight to the song, skip to 2:09, otherwise enjoy this absolutely bizarre interview with Pete Bennet that took place in The Roadee, a mini studio in the back of a van, in Bea's local city of Brighton!